Sunday, October 26, 2008

Home, Here We Come!

It's official: we're going home tomorrow! It would have been today, but I requested an evaluation from a speech therapist, and they're not here on weekends. So we'll have that tomorrow, and then we'll be discharged.

You'd think I'd have learned by now, but I'm still marveling at how God *always* exceeds my expectations. I mean, post-op day #5 and ready to go home?? Our Lord is mighty indeed!

We give thanks to God for Owen, for His healing touch, for our surgeon Dr. Abraham and his staff, for the nurses here at St. Vincent, and for our families, friends, and workplaces, all of whom have helped us weather this week. Please lift up a prayer of thanksgiving for these intentions on our behalf. We *really* want God to know how much we appreciate these blessings!


jennifer said...

We are so happy that owen has done so well,we have thought of you all and prayed for your family often

Timothy and the entire Dramis Family (from the Trisomy 10q group)

Julie said...

Welcome Home Owen!! Happy 1st Halloween!!!

The Galligans said...

I am so pleased to hear Owen has done so well. These babies are truly little fighters, and they are miraculous everyday! I hope he continues to thrive at home as you adjust to life with a stronger heart.

Mom to Blake (HLHS born 4/29, Glenn 9/4)