Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Glenn Update #2

I'm so sorry I didn't get a chance to post last night! I tried several times, but the computer was always occupied (there's only one.)

Owen continues to do superbly! He was extubated yesterday afternoon with no problems. He is down to 1/2 liter on his oxygen, which is great! His lungs continue to sound clear. His pain seems to be generally well-controlled, though it's hard to tell. He hasn't been fed yet, and his arms are tied down out to his sides so he can't get at any of his tubes or wires and pull them out. So even if his pain is controlled, it's easy to imagine that he may be highly uncomfortable and angry! Even so, he's had several calm periods where he just lays there and looks at Mark or me. So we think we're moving in a good direction.

He already looks quite different to me. For the past couple of weeks I had been noticing that his legs looked somewhat purple and mottled. That is completely gone now. His skin looks flesh-toned and perfect! Although it appears he has inherited his mom's fair complexion, poor guy. We'll have to be careful about the sun!

We are spending the day here with Owen at St. Vincent. The plan is to get his Foley catheter out, *possibly* get his art line and cardiac line out, and feedings should start any minute. We're doing low-volume continuous feeds to begin with, to reduce the chances of him vomiting. We're taking it one step at a time, but so far Owen is exceeding expectations all around!


Julie said...

Ade!! This is great news!!! :O)

dfurgason said...

I am so happy! PLease give him a ton of kisses for me make sure you get the cheeks and feet! Great news! If you want a break I can come and sit with him. I know you don't but even if you and Mark want dinner and a shower! Please let me know otherwise I will see you soon!!

Simmons Family: said...

I'm so happy that Owen is doing so fantastic!! WAY TO GO OWEN!! Sounds like you'll be out of there soon!! :)


jennifer said...

So glad to hear =) Along with his mother's fair skin, he certainly seems to gotten your tenacity as well =) He is quite the little trooper. Love you guys! Hope to see you next month!