Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Day in the Life

It's not often that I get the opportunity to be on my own with Owen for a whole day. Owen's daycare was closed today, so I switched shifts to be home with him. I have to say it has been both fun and frustrating! So I'm going to share with you all what my day has been like. Warning: talk of bodily functions in this post!

Mark of course still had to go to work today. So our alarm went off at 5:10 as usual. I think there should be a federal law that 5:10am does not exist. Oh well, this is what time you get up when you both have to be at work by 7. So Mark got up and I lounged in bed for a little while. I heard Owen making noise over the monitor and went to check on him. He was lying in his crib, 180 degrees from where we laid him last night, and cramming a toy in his mouth. The second he saw me he got a huge grin on his face. I changed his diaper and took him back into our bedroom. Mark said goodbye to the three of us, and then I put Owen back down in his crib. I got his bottle ready, along with his AM meds, and fed him through his tube. He went back to sleep. And so did I.

A couple of hours later, I heard him making noise again. He was kicking in his crib. When Owen kicks, he lifts both legs up so they're 90 degrees from his mattress (or the floor, or whatever) and then slams them down at the same time. He was pretty stinky, so this time I changed a dirty diaper. I put him back down to play while I showered. He cried the whole time. As soon as I got out and picked him up, he was quiet and snuggly. Then he got a bath. Usually he does not tolerate his bath very well, but today it wasn't bad. After his bath we played on the big bed and read a book. It's a cloth book, and Owen loved it! He tried to eat it. I took him downstairs and put him in the swing while I had breakfast. He did okay for about 10 minutes. Then he got mad because he couldn't reach the animals hanging from the mobile. He's a pretty grabby kid.

We had to go grocery shopping today. I don't like to take Owen to the grocery store (or really any store for that matter; we like to minimize his exposure.) But today it had to be done. He was very well behaved (after pooping again right before we left,) and just played with his toys in his car seat. He likes it when I kiss the bottoms of his feet, so I did that several times while pushing the cart. He smiled up a storm.

Once we got in the car he got super fussy. It was about time for him to eat, so I thought that was why. But as soon as we got home and I laid him down, he was asleep. It literally was that fast. He HATES being in his car seat, so I guess he was just refusing to sleep until he was comfy? Anyway, I gave him his bottle while he napped. Then he woke up and things got pretty messy. He started trying to poop, but he still had lots of food in his tummy, so he spit up quite a bit. This was projectile, but not too bad. Only about 15 inches away from his body. So then we changed another dirty diaper, and he went back to sleep.

He just woke up again not too long ago, and he played with his toys on the floor for quite a while. I got out his play gym, which has been put away for a week or so, and he's going to town with that thing. We have chimes on it, and a blow-up ball for him to kick, and he's just grabbing and kicking away. I think he just pooped a little more too. I'll have to go check.

For as little as we've done today, it sure has seemed busy! While I wish I could have more time with him, I can't imagine staying home with him every day. I would go stir crazy and be a pretty unhappy mama! There has to be a happy medium somewhere.

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