Saturday, August 2, 2008

We have a date

*Gulp* The Glenn is coming.

Owen is scheduled to have the Glenn October 21st. As long as he remains stable in the meantime, that is. It never was going to be easy to hand him back over for another heart surgery. However, it's nice that we can prepare ourselves mentally well beforehand.

Everything else is pretty boring right now. We've gotten to spend some fun time with family over the past couple of days. We were given a closing date of August 28th for the new house, but since Owen's cath is the day before, we'll probably try to push it back a couple of days. That's about it. We hope you all are having a great weekend!

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Simmons Family: said...

Oh...i'm with you... I'd rather get the Glenn done with. It was so nice to schedule Owen's for 4 months, then we unexpectedly had to do it just shy of 3 months. He had a difficult time in recovery, but it's over and done with and I am so so so grateful for that!!

October is a good time and hopefully he'll be recovered and home in time for HALLOWEEN!!