Thursday, August 7, 2008


We had Owen baptized on the day he was born. There was so much uncertainty surrounding what was coming for him, we felt it was the best thing. Two priests from our home church came to perform the baptism. We got it on video, but sadly we didn't get to have our family there since he was in the NICU.

Well, now we get to celebrate Owen's baptism with everyone! This will be a conditional baptism, since the actual rite has already been performed (you don't get baptized twice!) It will be Sunday, Aug. 24th at the 10:30am Mass at St. Alphonsus in Zionsville. St. Al's has moved away from performing infant baptisms during Mass, but we got special permission for Owen's to be done at Mass. So many of our church family have been praying for Owen; we thought it was fitting that they get to be a part of the celebration of God's work in Owen. We can't wait to share this with everyone at church who has been supporting us and Owen through prayer and encouragement. You mean so much to us!

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Erika said...

Thanks so much for the info. about the baptism. I'm planning to be there!