Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mr. Personality

Just thought I'd share some about our little guy's personality!

1) If you wake him up out of a deep sleep, he flails around and growls at you, just like his daddy. But once he's fully awake, he's all smiles, just like his mommy.

2) He is definitely in control when he eats. Now that we have started letting him taste solid foods, I always show him the bottle or the spoon before putting either to his lips, so he can start telling the difference. About half the time he takes an active role by grabbing either and pulling it to his mouth. Other times he holds the bottle as I give it to him. And other times, if he doesn't want it, he bats it away and glares at me. I just tell him I have more attitude than he does, and it's going in one way or the other!

3) He has ZERO tolerance for a dirty diaper, and lets you know it.

4) He loves to lie on his side. Lately he has started grabbing things (his sheet, toy gym, etc) and pulling while he lies there. He's going to pull himself onto his tummy any day.

5) He is happiest when he has something soft in his hands that he can grab, like his lambie or a cloth diaper.

7) He has started exploring things by bringing them up to his mouth.

8) He doesn't like peas (yet.) This works to my advantage because, given the option between peas and the bottle, he'll take the bottle. Sometimes if he won't take the bottle, I'll give him some solid food so then he'll pick the lesser of two evils and eat!

9) He has started paying attention to the TV, or at least the lights and sound of it. Sometimes we have to turn it off so he'll focus on eating or playing instead.

10) He is SUPER interested in his surroundings, especially in other people. If he senses movement or noise, he'll crane his neck to see what's going on. If it's more interesting than you are (and pretty much everything else has started being more interesting than mommy and daddy,) forget trying to get his attention back. Looks like someone takes after his Aunt Beth that way!

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Erika said...

Awww, I loved this! Thanks for writing it for us!

Love the new blog!