Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oh boy...

Well. I guess things weren't hectic enough, because the week after next has suddenly become a lot more complicated. Why? Our house actually sold! So we are currently looking at this schedule:

Aug. 27th: Owen's heart cath, Mark's off but I work that night
Aug. 28th: 8:30am close on current house, 10am close on new house, sometime that day Owen will get discharged, Mark's off but I work that night
Aug. 29th: get everything out of the current house, probably in some kind of kamikaze blitz whirlwind, Mark's working in the morning but I'm going to try to be off so I can keep Owen with me and give him another day to recover before going back to daycare
Aug. 30th: the new owners take possession of our current house, we move stuff from storage and actually try to arrange furniture in new house

The ONLY downside to my new job is I obviously don't have any PTO yet, and I have to be there 6 months before I can use it anyway. They are great there, and I know they will work with me to get me any unpaid leave I need to take for Owen. What we're trying to do is tag team when we're working that week, so we can save time off if a true emergency ever arises with Owen. I know it looks stressful (and it probably will be) but I'm actually looking forward to the challenge. I must be nuts. =)

Owen drank three whole bottles on his own today. I broke away from the schedule a little bit and let him eat when he wanted, and he did pretty well. Tomorrow Owen's G-tube gets switched out; hopefully it will be quick and painless for both of us!

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Julie said...

You love it. :o)