Thursday, July 31, 2008


Hello, and welcome to our new site for updates on Baby Owen! I decided to switch to Blogspot so our family and friends would have slightly easier access (eg no sign in required.) Not sure if I can archive the updates from our CarePage on here, but I may try at some point. And now for today's update!

The big news I mentioned last time has not been finalized yet, so we're all still waiting on that. Sorry. But we do have other big news. Owen had a cardiology appointment today, and his catheterization is scheduled for August 27th. The cath will be done to check out his heart prior to his next surgery, the Glenn. Dr. Parikh, one of our four cardiologists, said Owen's heart sounds very stable and good today, and we have no reason to believe we will end up needing the Glenn before October. In fact, if Owen's heart function remains this good, we may wait through the winter before having the Glenn. What we want to avoid is having the Glenn during the winter, since that is the high season for infection. This surgery is usually done between 6 and 9 months of age (6 is October, 9 is January) but can be postponed longer if heart function is good enough. I want to do what's best for Owen, but I definitely prefer October. I'd hate to get in a situation where we have to have the Glenn emergently in the winter.

Aside from scheduling the cath, Dr. Parikh was happy with how Owen is doing. We also saw Dr. Escobar (developmental pediatrician) today, and he is downright thrilled with Owen's progress. According to their info, Owen's height and weight, while extremely low, are tracking along the curve. This means his growth rate is normal, even if he's very small for his age. His weight is 3rd percentile, and his height is not even on the curve. Dr. Escobar also looked at Owen's current motor skills, and was pleased with those as well.

Speaking of motor skills, Owen has been showing off lately. Yesterday he started reaching out and grabbing the toys on his gym. He also reaches out and grabs toys while lying on his side. He has one toy that is a cube, and when you push each side it plays a song. He is able to push the sides and turn it on, although I don't think he realizes he's the one doing it! He just sees it light up and wants to get at it. It's handy that he can turn it on by himself, though!

Dr. Escobar also suggested we start Owen on solid foods. So today we experimented with rice cereal, with mixed results. He doesn't seem to care for it too much (I think I mixed it too thick) but he doesn't push it out of his mouth, either. He sort of moves it around until he accidentally swallows it, or I give him the bottle to wash it down. I think if I mix it a little thinner, he'll have an easier time swallowing it. I forgot to say it, but you've probably already guessed he's eating again. I don't know what his issue was over the weekend when he was refusing the bottle. I took him to the regular pediatrician on Monday (he needed vaccinations anyway) and she could find nothing wrong with him. That day he just up and started eating again. He's not back up to eating quite as much from the bottle as he was before, but we're at about 50/50. I'll definitely take it!

We have PT, a visit with Mark's family, and the Feast of St. Alphonsus (our church's patron saint) tomorrow. So it will be a busy day! On Saturday I graduate from Purdue's Doctor of Pharmacy program. This has been a long time coming (I've been in college 10 years!) and it feels like such a huge accomplishment. Especially given what we have gone through in the past year. God has been so good to us through it all. One more example of just how good: we found daycare for Owen. Not only did we find what seems like a great, loving in-home situation, but he will be cared for by a woman who was formerly a NICU nurse for 27 years. We found this person through a post I put out on a website. We got ONE response, and it was her. How amazing is that? We just keep getting taken care of so completely. See what prayer can do??!

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