Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Week on the Edge

So remember last Saturday, when I mentioned I could go into labor that night? Well...

Mark and I went out that evening. We planned to go to PF Chang's and see a movie. As soon as we sat down to dinner, I started having contractions. Over the next 3 hours, they got stronger and closer together, till they were about 4 minutes apart. So we went to the hospital. They hooked me up and checked me out, and sure enough, there were the contractions on the screen. I was still about 3cm. They had me get up and walk around for a while, then hooked me up again. Contractions were stronger (painful by this point) and about 2 minutes apart. However, STILL only 3cm dilated. So they sent me home, saying I would probably be back within 24 hours to deliver the baby.

We've yet to go back.

Since then, I've had a couple of periods of fairly regular contractions, some of which were pretty painful. But nothing had progressed. At this point I'm counting on Saturday morning, but I guess I could still go into real labor at any point. Anyway, no baby yet!

Right now it's 5:30am and Owen and I have been hanging out for about an hour. He's watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and I'm about ready to get his first bottle of the day going. I think he's restless because he's getting new teeth; he was up with Mark from about 3:30. Today is Owen's last day of daycare for a while. Mark will be home with him tomorrow, and then we'll keep him home as much as we can while I'm off. Hopefully I can handle both bubbies by myself!

As much as this week has been frustrating and exhausting, it's nice that we've still had some time to prepare for the baby. We hadn't even packed our bags by last Saturday, so it was a good reminder that we needed to get ready - a baby is definitely coming in the next few days!

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Hi Adrienne-

Any news. You're all the talk among your CHRP sistas.