Monday, September 22, 2008

Rolling over!

It's official - Owen rolls over now! His daycare provider had been telling us that he did it a couple of times last week, but he hadn't done it around us yet - until yesterday, that is. I had put him down to play on the floor, and I was resting on the couch. I heard him start fussing a little, but it was the kind of fussing he does when he's trying to get to sleep, so I didn't think anything of it. Mark walked in and asked me if I had put him on his tummy. I shot up and sure enough, he was completely on his belly! He wasn't even that upset about it!

Speaking of trying to get to sleep, our great sleeper suddenly isn't sleeping so great anymore. I think it's just that he's getting older, but now he totally fights sleep. On Friday he napped for 2 half-hour sessions in the afternoon (around noon and 2,) and that was it till about 10:30 that night! He still sleeps through the night fairly well, but he's taking much fewer and shorter naps during the day. I didn't realize how difficult it'll be to keep up with him when he's mobile and awake for long periods of time. And that'll be with a brand-new baby at home too!

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