Monday, September 15, 2008

Baby Bean

Yes, it's true! Baby Frossard #2 is officially on the way. Mark and I talked about having another baby, and I think I got pregnant the next day. Literally. It was a surprise but not a shock. We are thrilled! And nervous.

I will be having first trimester screening done to look for markers of genetic abnormalities. This will be on October 1st, so we would really appreciate prayers that day. We love Owen and wouldn't change his personality for anything, but we would really love to have a healthy baby this time.

Owen did some new things for us this weekend. Mark rolled him onto his tummy, and he rolled himself back over on his back. He also lay on his tummy and picked his head and chest up a couple of times. We hadn't seen him do these things before, and it was really fun. Owen seemed pretty proud of himself for awhile, but then he got fed up with being messed-with and let us know it!

Here are a couple of pictures of Owen at daycare. We couldn't ask for a better experience, and it has done so much to ease my mind about someone else caring for him. God has blessed us and continues to take care of us all! So check out these pictures... Does Owen have a little girlfriend?? Are they playing footsie??!

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