Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More Pictures!

Here are some more pictures from Owen's baptism. My friend Julie came from Cincinnati for the occasion, and she took these for us. I can't believe how precious and BIG he looks! I want to point out the shoes Owen is wearing. They have little crosses on them, and some lace trim around the top. That trim came from my wedding dress; my mom attached it to the shoes. It was so special to have that little touch for his special day! I'm also including a picture from the day he was born so you can see how much he's grown!

We have officially moved into our new house. It's perfect for us and we love it! We had lots of help and we're very grateful, especially with Owen's cath last week, and moving right after that.

Speaking of his cath, everything looks perfect! The things done during his first surgery are holding up beautifully, and his pulmonary pressures are normal. This is SUCH a blessing! It means that, barring some emergency in the meantime, surgery will go on as planned October 21st. Although I think it was pretty obvious to us even before the cath that things were going well for him. He barely looks blue at all, for one thing. The other is that he can cry and scream like a champ. We had been told to expect him to have a low energy reserve, and that he would tire out quickly when upset. Well, that hasn't been the case in our experience! He can carry on for a good half hour before he calms down and drifts off (this only happens in the car where we can't hold him.) That seems pretty normal to me!

He's still not gaining weight much at all. I need to weigh him to be sure, but I think he still doesn't weigh 12 lbs, and he's 5 months old today. My goal is to get him as close to 20 lbs as possible by his 1st birthday. That's a normal weight for a 1-year-old.

We're all settling into our new house and still have lots of unpacking to do. It's going to be a time of adjustment (still!) but we're very happy and grateful for Owen's relative good health!

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