Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Pictures

We've had two great doctor visits over the past week. First was the pediatric ophthalmologist. His verdict? Owen's eyes are completely normal! Whew!

Next we went to the cardiologist yesterday. It couldn't be better news! Owen is in sinus rhythm, his color is great, his saturations range from 80-83%, and his physical exam was perfect. He wasn't too happy to be there; he bawled through the whole appointment whenever anybody other than mommy and daddy was in the room! However, he's doing so great that his next surgery does not appear to have to be for another year or so... in fact, we're not even going back to cardiology until APRIL! Can you believe it? It's so far out they wouldn't even schedule us; they're just going to send us a reminder card to schedule later! What a praise!

Here are some recent photos of the boys; both are growing and changing every day!

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