Sunday, August 16, 2009


Hard to believe it's been so long since I posted! We've been incredibly busy with the boys. They already look so much older than the pictures I posted in June!

This month is a doctor-heavy month for us. First up was the developmental pediatrician. He was very pleased with Owen's growth, interaction, and overall appearance. He pretty much told us to keep doing what we're doing for now, so we're in a holding pattern with his therapies and feeding.

Next was the regular pediatrician; both boys saw her last Friday. And they both got shots. It was a little hairy - they were both really unhappy at the beginning of the visit, but they eventually calmed down and we got things taken care of. Gavin is 50-75th percentile for height, and 25-50th percentile for weight. So he's like Owen, longer than he is heavy. But unlike Owen, Gavin actually has a chubby tummy on him. It's adorable. =) So as of Friday, Gavin weighed 13 lbs 14 oz, and Owen weighed 18 lbs 7 oz. It won't be long before Gavin is overtaking his big brother in the weight department!

Next up is the pediatric ophthalmologist on the 26th, and the cardiologist on the 31st. That will be the big appointment, the one we're most anxious about. I have a feeling the cardiologist will look him over, do an ECHO, and release us for several more months in order to let Owen grow more before his next surgery. Everyone (medical professionals included) keeps telling us how great Owen looks, especially his color. And he really doesn't appear to tire out terribly easily to us. So I really think there will NOT be a surgery this fall, and that it'll happen closer to next fall. But we'll see. We may go in and find out his heart function really isn't so great after all. We're praying that's not the case.

Developmentally, Gavin was ahead of the game with rolling; he started rolling over both ways when he was just over 3 months old. It was a little sad for me. In fact, I cried when I first saw him roll over on his tummy. I'm happy he's growing and developing well, but it just seems too fast!

Owen is sitting on his own very well lately; in fact, he's started to appear much more comfortable and "normal" doing it. His favorite toys right now are his star stack up tower and his Duplo table. Today while he was playing with his Duplos, he stood up from his chair all by himself! He still is unable to transition from lying down to sitting, or from sitting on the floor to standing. He just doesn't want to put any weight on his hands. This is one of the main things we're working on in therapy.

And that's about it - everyone really is doing great and we're very thankful for Owen's continued good health. We still are able to function fairly normally as a family, and we're having a wonderful time being the parents of two sweet little boys!

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