Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Healthy Baby...

Is exactly what it appears we're having! Our ultrasound today showed all of the appropriate parts, formed the appropriate ways, and in the appropriate places. It also showed one particular part that tells us the gender of the baby. Yes, we're going to tell. No, not today! We're waiting until we have a chance to tell our families before announcing it here.

Our experiences with having children have obviously been anything but typical. The doctor looking over the ultrasound (the same one that delivered Owen) said, "Well, I can't find anything wrong with this kid." It was music to our ears, but I'm sure it's not exactly the phrase uttered by most OB/GYNs upon analyzing ultrasound images! During our first ultrasound with Owen, I was excited during it, and terrified after. This time I was terrified during it, and excited after. Given this good result, we are not having amniocentesis performed this time. We will simply wait and have the new baby's chromosomes analyzed once he/she is born.

Meanwhile... Baby Owen has an ear infection. =( He had a fever on Monday, and his temp came down out of fever range but has remained high since. He's been cranky and wanting to be held constantly. I talked to his pediatrician's office Monday, and they weren't concerned. We saw the cardiologist this morning; he looked in Owen's ears and declared the left one fine, but the right one he couldn't see in because of too much wax. He wasn't concerned either. However, once I got to my regular OB's office (yes, we had 3 doctor appts scheduled today,) he had developed a discharge from his right ear. I took him over to an urgent visit center and sure enough, the pediatrician thought Owen's eardrum had ruptured. Hence the discharge, fever, and irritability. Poor bubby. So now we have two antibiotics to give him. Hopefully he'll be out of the miserable stage soon! It's heartbreaking to see him so sad and in pain.

On the plus side, though, our cardiology appointment went great! The cardiologist says Owen's doing very well. We get to discontinue one of his meds altogether, and go down to once a day on another one. So we're back to the schedule we had before this surgery. Also, Owen officially gained 12 ounces in less than a month! This is huge for him, and the cardiologist was really happy with that. So hopefully we can continue these positive trends, and get Owen feeling better soon! We want our bubby to be able to enjoy all the fun Christmas events!

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The Simmons Family said...

What a relief!! I am thrilled that you have the peace of mind knowing that you will have a healthy little boy OR girl very soon! Can't wait for the next entry...